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No Boys Allowed, In A Hemp Field That Is

Did you know the hemp plant can be male or female (and sometimes both!)? The hemp plant is dioecious meaning there are separate male and female plants. The male hemp plants main focus is to produce pollen and pollinate the female plants flowers.


The flowers of the female hemp are where we find the highest concentration of phytocannabinoids like #CBD, #CBG, and #THC. If a female is pollinated it will switch its focus from producing phytocannabinoids to seed production. This would ultimately greatly reduce the production of CBD or CBG along with the other cannabinoids.


As a hemp farmer, it is extremely important to keep a diligent eye on the field. Since just one male hemp plant can ruin an entire field, we check each branch of each plant daily until we are sure we only have female plants. Normal hemp seed gives a 50/50 chance of female or male plants. However seed producers have been able to produce feminized seeds giving us a much higher percentage of female plants. The feminized seed gives us a 99.97% chance of growing a female or 1 male in 4000. Dreaming Field Farm sources their seed from one of the leaders in the hemp seed industry #OregonCBD. The seeds we use are not treated, #nongmo and approved for use in certified organic farming. While this greatly reduces the risk of finding a male plant, we still have to check the field daily.

Fortunately the male plant matures a little faster than the female. We can see signs of a male before the flowers are started on the female plant. If we find a male we bag it, cut it out of the field and destroy it. Sometimes we also see hermaphrodite hemp plants. Excessive environmental stressors can cause the plant to go into survival mode producing both male and female attributes on the same plant! The hermaphodite hemp will also be pulled from the field.

Hope you enjoyed these fun facts and getting to know where your CBD comes from!

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