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Dreaming Field Farm

Dreaming Field Farm is a Wisconsin Licensed Hemp Farm located in Two Rivers. Established in 2019 with the intention of growing hemp for CBD oil. Committed to creating exceptional products at an affordable price.
We are a "seed to need" farm. What does that mean? We purchase high quality hemp seed, start the seed in trays for approximately 4 weeks then transplant to the field.  Once its in the field we continue to nurture each plant until it is ready for harvest.  After the state comes in to take samples for THC testing (hemp can only be 0.3% or less THC otherwise it has to be destroyed).  After harvesting each plant by hand and drying the material, it is sent to a processor and extracted for crude oil.  After we get the crude oil back we then formulate it into our CBD oil.  Taking it from seed to need allows us to maintain quality, control, and cost over the final product

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