Hi! My name is Jen and this is how I became a hemp farmer. 
I am actually a Registered Dental Hygienist but when I had a baby in 2014 I wanted to pursue a new career that would allow me to work from home and be more flexible for our daughter. 
I first became aware of CBD oil when I saw a post from someone I went to high school with who had recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His post said how much CBD was helping reduce his seizures brought on by the tumor.   
I instantly became intrigued since I have two family members who suffer from a seizure disorder. I wanted to help my family members and others. As soon as I started researching the wide range of possible benefits for people and animals I knew this was a path I wanted to take. 
I obtained my Wisconsin Hemp Growers license in February of 2019 and started going to seminars to learn as much as I could. Unfortunately in April of 2019 just as I was making my exciting purchase of seeds, one of my cousins passed away due to one of his seizures, he was only in his 30s. It was an incredible blow since I was so close to being able to help him. However, I did what I could to let his passing fuel my new passion. 
A lot has been learned and there is much more to learn about this incredible plant. I look forward to sharing the journey with others!