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CBD Dose Instructions

Facial Oil
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Dosing CBD For Pets
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CBD For Dogs

A good starting point for your canine family member is 0.25mg CBD/pound.


Example 50 pound dog:

50 x 0.25 = 12.5mg CBD oil (approximately 3/4 dropper of a 500 mg bottle)

Watch how to give your dog CBD

CBD For Cats

A general recommended dose for a cat is 2-4mg CBD oil per 10 pounds per day.   There is about 20 drops of CBD oil per 1ml. A 10 pound cat would only need approximately 4-5 drops of CBD oil from a 500mg bottle.

CBD For Horses

Horses have a more efficient metabolism and don't require as much CBD per pound. Research has shown 25mg of CBD oil is an effective starting dose. This would be approximately 3/4 dropper from a 1000mg bottle of CBD oil. Watch how to give your horse CBD

*Always consult with a veterinarian prior to starting any new product.

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