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How do you read a bottle of CBD oil?

Confused on how to read a bottle of CBD oil? We will break it down here so it is no longer a mystery and we even include a coupon code in the video!

First we will look at a bottle of CBD oil. Here we have our Dreaming Field Farm 500mg CBD oil and our 1000mg CBD oil

The main difference between the two is concentration strength. One bottle contains 500mg total CBD and the other bottle of CBD oil contains 1000mg total CBD. If you wanted to figure out how much CBD was in one serving (1 dropper) you would divide the total CBD in the bottle by the total milliliters (ml) in the bottle.

For example these bottles hold 30ml (or 1oz).

For our 500mg CBD bottle, we would take the 500mg of CBD and divide that by 30ml. This would tell us there is approximately 16.66 mg of CBD per dropper. Since each dropper holds 1ml (or one serving) our total bottle would contain 500mg and 30 servings.

Same goes for our 1000mg bottle. We would take 1000mg of CBD divided by 30ml. This would tell us there is approximately 33.33 mg of CBD per dropper.

Next we can look at topical CBD products. This gets a little more tricky when comparing since there are so many sizes and shapes of CBD topicals. They are still listed the same on the front of the bottle you will usually see the total amount of CBD. Where we have to be diligent in our comparison is when we see the total CBD in the total amount of topical.

For example, here is our Relief Plus CBD "Support" Gel. This bottle holds 4oz and contains 500mg of CBD.

Here we have our 500 mg CBD Whipped body butter (awesome for dry feet or hands!) This container holds 2oz compared to the gel above holding 4oz. They both contain 500 mg of CBD but in this example the body butter is more concentrated and would be considered stronger.

Finally if we compare the above to our 1000mg CBD Pain Relief Salve. We see we have 1000mg of CBD in 4 oz of salve. This would be double the strength of the gel but it is the same concentration strength of the above CBD Body Butter because the body butter is 500mg CBD in 2oz and the salve is 1000mg in 4oz.

Here is a video (and coupon code!) explaining how to read a bottle of CBD oil as well as a brief discussion on our third party lab testing results.

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